Review of a 8.9 inches kindle fire hd

So, since the iPad finally gets a completly slighter version, the Kindle Fire HD gets a rather larger one. 

Both models are, basically, identical as the latest versions of their respective series. On the other hand, both are oddly sized additions for their respective families. The iPad Mini is 7.9 Inches and thus is not, accurately speaking, a 7″ pc tablet and, to not be defeated, this new Amazon kindle fire is 8.9 Inches so is consequently not, strictly speaking, a 10-inch version of their (typically 7-Inch) Amazon kindle fire hd. 

Traditionally, tablet pc’s are available in 2 sizes, 10 Inch and 7 Inch, and both dimensions have their advocates, just as often as both sides have advantages and drawbacks. I verified this new Kindle Fire in an attempt to discover if larger actually is better… 

THE Specifications 

Perhaps I’d have been better off comparing the Kindle Fire HD to the Nexus 7 instead. The Nexus 7 is, in fact, the one tablet in Kindle Fire’s price range that matches it for effectiveness, specs and reputation. 

Initially a 7″ tablet pc, the 10 Inch Nexus 10 was released to about as tepid a greeting as George Costanza’s wig and sold pretty poorly from there. In fact, there are barely around 680,000 Google nexus 10 models presently in use, which looks terrible, particularly in comparison to estimated 6.8 million Nexus 7 tablet pc’s. 

Why is this? The Google nexus 10 was just as good a pc tablet the Google nexus 7 (and also the Nexus 7 is a very, good tablet). Though, for some reason, it just didn’t cut the mustard. 

Perhaps it is a size thing. Bigger tablets basically aren’t as portable (or as cheap) as their smaller counterparts. Fundamentally, it seems that when people go big, they go iPad. 

Ostensibly, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is the same classy, cosmopolitan accessory as the regular Kindle Fire HD, but it’s just slightly bit bigger this time about. This means it has a similar duel WiFi aerial, identical astounding array of downloadable apps and content and the same specifically designed Dolby surround sound system. 


The 8.9 version + Kindle Fire HD is a great deal costlier than the 7″ model. For example, I could buy a 7 Inch Kindle Fire HD (with free delivery, no less) from Amazon for £160, but the 8.9-Inch version, that is, barring one or two small differences, the same tablet, will set me back about £230. That’s a lot to think about. 


Now, I’ve talked (at great length) about the Kindle Fire HD in various other places, so I will frankly summarise here so as to save space and get out of repeating myself. 

The Kindle Fire HD is really a masterpiece of condensed computing; it offers a simple, likeable user interface, outstanding media playback with a fine array of apps to boot. The Kindle Fire HD is a wonderful all rounder that provides great value for money is a really sensible choice for the commuter, first-time buyer and/or the casual user. 

Skilled software engineers will probably find the Fire HD restrictive (Amazon are notoriously heavy-handed about what you can and cannot install, for instance) and its not on the level of an apple ipad or even a Surface in terms of processing power. However, it is an excellent product overall. 

The 8.9 Inch version differs in only the one, achingly obvious, way. 

The size increase does benefit from a bigger display, that is a genuine boon to a visually impaired user, but beyond that, it seems slightly superfluous. The increased size makes the Kindle Fire HD feel that rather more cumbersome and clumsy, whilst also making it less likely to fit on your bedside, or as snugly right into a handbag or rucksack.

The difference in size is not as jarring as a 10″ model would have been, but it’s unquestionably noticeable. #On the# one hand, it is nice to have increased choices, but on the other… 


Essentially, the smaller size of the Kindle Fire HD is one of its main selling points. Cheap and cheerful, the 7 Inch Kindle Fire HD was seemingly made for livening up tedious train journeys, replacing the book on your nightstand and like a ideal journey companion on the last-minute holiday. Conversely, the 8.9 Inch version lacks most of those charms, whilst simultaneously also wanting the processing power of a 10 Inch tablet. 

This new Kindle Fire HD is still a exceptional tablet, but the dimensions (as well as the price) increase does not seem likely to cause it to many new friends. Don’t get me wrong, I am a lover of the series, but I foresee this one sharing the same fate to the Nexus 10.

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