How have cooking games turn out to be popular?

Nigella Lawson, Jaimie Oliver and Ainsley Harriott might not be your image of gaming heroes or heroines, but nonetheless cooking games are a steadily growing trend. Enduring the current allure with video games based on real-life (The Sims, Tennis, Bowling etc) all baking games are about is, well, cooking.


That could appear pointless, given that the real-life equivalent of cooking games (actually baking) are a few things you virtually have to do every single day or else starve, consider how much amusing you might have with cooking games. These games will be able to teach recipes, quantities, methods and even some subtleties that pro cooks have to learn the hard way.


The Cooking Mama series is one of those major cooking games about the marketplace. Somewhat sexist title aside; the franchise has produced titles for the DS and Wii, (the console that is best for cooking games.) Handheld devices were initially the layout of choice for launching the 1st baking games, with Sweet Ange being released all the way back in the days of Game Boy Colour.


Admired in Japan and increasingly catching on in the West, baking games look set to become the next big thing. With cooking games, you’ll be taught cooking skills without wasting money or making yourself unwell. You’ll learn patience as some cooking games permit you to create your gaming gastronome goodness in real time!


Of course, cooking games contain an element of danger (and not only virtual nut traces). Do not forget to put the feast on when playing your cooking games, then go virtual bowling or fishing and go back to find your dinner ruined. Though cooking games can be tempting for a cheaper alternative, you will also find a cooking games dinner to be far less wholesome than a Telly dinner.

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